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Pastor of the Space Coast Chinese Alliance Church

Pastor Zhirong(Vick) Jiang was born in a Northeastern province of China. He was saved at age 12. He loved to go to church, to study the Bible and to spread the gospel to others. He studied bio-engineering in a university and worked for a petroleum company after graduation. During this period, he led the college student ministry in his local church. Through service at the church, he witnessed the power of Holy Spirit in saving lost souls and transform lives. He received God’s calling to become a full time minister. In 2008, he entered the Chongshin Theological Seminary in South Korea, and received a Master degree in Divinity. During and after his study at the seminary, he continued his ministries to lead oversea students for one year, and then served as a pastor in a Chinese church for four years. Pastor Jiang came to the US in 2013. He took the required courses towards the PhD.program at the Fuller Theological Seminary. He started his ministry at Space Coast Chinese Alliance Church (SCCAC) in 2015. He was married in 2009. Pastor Jiang and his wife have one son and one daughter.

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